Friday, June 24, 2011

the dominican republic

I am currently sitting in my room, all packed and waiting to go to the airport.  It has finally hit me.  I'm leaving today.  I've had such mixed feelings about this trip ever since I decided to go, but I felt God's call and knew I needed to go.

"It's only 12 days, what good can I really do in that short amount of time?" I can't even count how many times that thought has crossed my mind.

Today, as I write this, I think I finally know the answer.  None.  I can do no good in that short amount of time.  I mean sure, I can probably bring some joy to a few kids, I'll be able to teach young women about one out of sixty-five books of the Bible, and maybe I'll repair someone's roof or floor or something.  But you know what?  Then I'll go home and there is a good chance I will never see any of these people again. 

So it's a good thing this trip isn't about me.

Because I wasn't called to the Dominican Republic to fulfill any plans of mine or anyone on this earth for that matter.  I was called to the Dominican Republic do God's work.  I am called to join with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  I have no idea what is going to happen on this trip, nor should I.  God's plan is so much bigger than I could ever comprehend and if I put my trust in that, God will do more good than I could even imagine. 

And that is what this trip is about.

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