Friday, February 18, 2011

home sweet, umm homes?

Yesterday I left home, to go home.  I left my family of 53 girls on my hall to be with my parents and sister.  It's weird realizing you have to two families.  My family is and always has been such a blessing.  They are so loving, supportive, and beautiful.  I truly do not know how I would have turned out with anyone else raising me.  Our relationship is changing as I grow up, but it is only becoming better.  I love being at my house. I love being with them.

But now I have this other family.  This family at my school.  The friends I've meet there have impacted me more than I could have ever imagined possible.   They are so loving, supportive, and beautiful.  I can't imagine surviving this year or any of college for that matter without them.  They have become my family. I love being at my school.  I love being with them.

"When I'm home, I miss school; when I'm at school I miss home."
I've heard people say this multiple times.  I've been one of them, but tonight I'm learning that this is a horrible mind set to have.  I should be joyful in whichever place I'm in because not most people have what I do in these relationships.  I have two homes; some people have none.  I have two families; some people have none.  And that's not something I'm willing to take for granted. 


  1. Hi Amy! Your blog is great! Hope you don't mind me following you! :)

    Also, is that picture at the bottom from an etsy store? Because if so, I have bought like 4 things from her store!

  2. it is! i love it! etsy is a great invention :)